Car Maintenance – Tyre Repair Kits

Are the repair tools going ahead or do we have to pay for spare tires?

Puncture repair kits have become a standard replacement for traditional spare car tires, especially with vehicle manufacturers who are working hard to reduce CO2 emissions. The extra weight of a spare tire makes a difference both to the economy and to vehicle emissions. You can make an online search if you are looking for tyre business.

The tire repair kit works by inflating the tire and sealing the tire with a gel-type substance. The gel is forced into the tire along with air to inflate the tire. This is designed as a temporary measure, so as soon as possible you need to set the tire to be replaced. Many garages will recommend new tires at this time.

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The gel that is forced into the tire is very difficult to remove from the tire and time-consuming. Another advantage with an electric compressor is that you can check to make sure the tire is bouncing to the right pressure.

Losses in pressure can cause further problems on the road, especially if the tire is under the recommended pressure for a long period of time. If a vehicle is traveling at high speed with a heavy load, the vehicle will bounce up and down on the tire which causes friction.

 Tires can heat up to temperatures that cannot be overcome by tires; this has the potential to cause an explosion, or in extreme cases cause the tire to catch fire.

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