Avoid Doing these Things While you are Traveling


There are times where we read a travel blog or watch a travel vlog that just looks and feels absolutely fantastic. This type of feeling creates an excitement in ourselves where even we feel we want to experience the very same thing. There’s no harm in doing it as long as you have some prior knowledge when it comes to traveling. Many inexperienced travelers often make a lot of mistakes due to their incapability and inexperience of traveling. These are a few basic things you shouldn’t do when you’re traveling.

  • Avoid Using Bank Cards that Charge you for Transaction –Before you start your journey, make sure to sit down with you bank and apply for a card that is not going to charge you for fees every time you swipe.
  • Avoid Eating at Popular Tourist Sites –This one is for those traveling on a budget. Many popular tourist sites have restaurants or take-away that are going to be more expensive. The best to save money is to try out the local food that is not only cheap but also delicious.
  • Avoid Exchanging at Airport – Another important thing to note is to exchange the currency of the note depending on where you are heading before your travel starts. Airports do offer exchange of currencies however, they are quite expensive.
  • Avoid Staying in Hotels – The alternative to staying in hotels is by replacing it with hostels. Many modern hostels offer similar experience to hotels consisting of friendly staff, awesome service and a lot more at a cheaper rate.

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