The Race Car Inspired BMW M3

Germany's major automotive maker BMW continues to maintain its grip as the world's best-selling luxury car brand. Fighting with old-fashioned Mercedes-Benz year after year for the ultimate victory, BMW constantly changes its existing path and adds new vehicles to its path in an effort to stimulate and strengthen customer interest.

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One area where BMW has found a lot of success recently in the line of vehicles inspired by its racing car, the M Series. At present, BMW engineers are working hard to develop the new BMW M3 and, if all the automatic moves are correct, very few cars can follow the commander of the 400 hp road. You can get to know more about BMW 0-60, via visiting

Fierce battles in the auto dom continue to gather strength that pits German carmakers against German carmakers. The legendary Mercedes-Benz took on BMW which was reported as the right to call them the best-selling luxury brand in the world.

Over the years, the honor of being exclusive to Mercedes-Benz, but the recent failure of the Mercedes section coupled with a surge of new products from BMW has put BMW in the first place. Not far behind both are Lexus, Toyota's luxury division, but for now the battle remains a battle between these two German car manufacturers.

For fans of luxury cars, BMW-Mercedes competition has become a win together because both automakers have streamed technical funds into their vehicles. No car manufacturer relies on their past achievements; instead, both of them urged to add the latest safety features including the Mercedes' Night Vision Assist and BMW impact absorbers which absorb stronger impact without damaging the vehicle's main body.

For BMW, its latest automotive project has become a closely guarded secret until recently. Photographs of spies disguised from the new BMW M3 have been circulating on the internet for some time now, but only since June, there has been a pre-production version of the unclothed BMW M3 seen.

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