Tips on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Why do people look for solutions for bedbugs only when it's too late? Because they don't know the symptoms until they have a severe allergy. To find out how to get rid of bedbugs, you must first study their life and behavior. The insects are almost the smallest insects in the world.

Their size is estimated to be 5 millimeters micro and usually its habitat in warm and humid areas such as beds, cabinets, carpets, and sometimes even in wood furniture. The problem is that they come in large numbers, one female insect can lay more than 300 eggs, so the number is very large and reaches several million right under your pillow.

To get rid of bed bugs, you should start cleaning your room by removing the pillowcase, mattress and covering it with dust-protected material. There are several green bed bug eliminators available online that will help you prevent bed bug infestation in a natural way. You can also buy eco-friendly bed bug eliminators via

By doing that you make sure that the bed bugs will not get habitat in the deep fiber of the bed. You are also advised to bring a sleeping pad outside the house, or at least to a place that can gather a lot of sunlight during the day. Sunlight will repel insects.

Wash your bed with hot water at least once a week. Be aware that if you send sheets to clean services that can be a source of more bed bugs. So it's better to do it yourself. Vacuuming can also reduce bed bugs in your home, but is not efficient.

If you have a carpet, you have to get rid of it. Insect lice live between the carpet and the floor so the only way to get rid of bedbugs is to get rid of your carpet. There are lots of carpet sprays against insects, but that is not a complete solution to the problem because they adapt to poisons very quickly.

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