Beat Procrastination This Time: 5 Online Courses That Come to Your Aid

For those of us who lead busy lives, or live far away from traditional campuses, an online degree is a perfect solution to achieving our educational and professional goals. The programs are convenient and flexible; you can integrate your educational pursuits into your life on your own terms. But, it is these very benefits that can be the kiss of death because the level of personal responsibility in managing our studies is much higher in this format.

If we are not up to the task, getting our degree is going to prove much more challenging than it has to be; we may even fail. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems that comes from all this freedom in directing our studies, and here are some tips to beat it. You can click here to get more info about it.

Think of the Consequences of Putting It Off

There is a reason why we procrastinate—doing the task that needs to be done is unpleasant in some way and you would rather do something else. Sure, who wouldn’t love to zone out in front of the TV for a few hours rather than doing the reading for her most boring class?

At the moment, that decision makes you feel good, so it is hard to resist. So, in order to prevent this, you want to find a way to feel good about choosing to do what you need to do right now. Think of the consequences of putting the work you need to do for your Cyber Security Online Bachelors degree online — think of a few days from now when you will be forced to do your work because you cannot put it off one more day, the same day you have five other things to do.

How good will it feel to hit the books now and avoid all the stress you know you will experience if you stick to the original plan?

Mix it Up

When we look at a particular assignment and think of all the work that will go into finishing it, a funny thing happens—we do absolutely nothing. The next day we start thinking about it, and again, we do nothing. I found one of the best ways to deal with this issue is committing a certain amount of time to complete my work, and within that time, doing a few different things. The idea of spending three straight hours reading may not be appealing, but doing the reading for an hour, working on your research paper for an hour and studying for an upcoming exam for an hour seems much more doable and you will be much more motivated.

Write It Down

In an effort to improve my life and use my time more wisely, I have found that the simplest of things make the biggest impact, we just need to make use of these tools instead of dismissing them as being ‘’too simple.’’ When we are living completely inside our heads, it is easy to get off track with our responsibilities and shove things off to the side. When we are running around doing all the other stuff required of us, it is easy to tell ourselves we will get to our school work later. But, when we take the time to write out a schedule and a to-do list each day, you build your studies into your day—they are not some afterthought or something you are trying to fit in.

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