Learn The Fundamentals Of Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop is a form of expressive dance that anyone can begin to learn with a little practice. The four basic movements that every beginner Hip Hop dancer must know are Ball Change, Body Rolls, Back Slide (many people call it Moon Walk), and various Isolation.

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The backslide is done by lifting the heel over the back foot with enforcement and then slithering the opposite foot smooth on the ground back to fill the curved leg.

When they meet with the foot being dragged back into a high forced arch and the other leg is now flat, you then repeat alternating movements with each sliding leg.  

Body rolls are done by dropping your chest to the ground, then curving your back and slashing your chest and abdomen as if you have just been pressed in that area.

Ball Change is a technique that is widely used in various forms of dance. This step is done by separating your legs, usually hip-width apart and then you make a very small jump to one leg while the other foot is lifted and placed in front of the foot that just jumped.

Isolation is very important and requires control and practice. You can start by isolating the neck by moving your neck to other body parts being isolated.

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