About Flat Feet Shoes

Some things you need to be considered before buying flat feet shoes or even your wide shoes. There are several types of feet that you need to know.

Flat feet, if you have flat feet, this means that when you step with your feet, it will leave footprints that have no inward curve.

Your footprints will look like someone pulled your prints on the ground without visible curves. Then there is a high arch.

Having a high arch is when you leave your footprints on the ground and leave a trace that looks like a heel and ball of your feet is not connected.

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Both of these types are not like natural foot type. The natural type of foot will leave the mold behind which will have a natural curve on the inside of the foot.

Another type of foot to worry about is the overpronator or supinator. An overpronator is when someone walks, they leave traces that roll inward during their steps.

The supinator is a trail left behind that moves out during the steps. We have to look at your footsteps to understand what’s happening here.

Another item to look at is how the shoes are made. You need to look at the soles of your shoes.

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