How Entrepreneurs Handle Risk and Uncertainty Related to Business?


A successful business is measured by its profits, happy customers and by tackling certain risks that may come in their way. While a few successful businesses are measured by the way successful entrepreneurs handle risks and then come up with a positive solution. Risks can occur at any point of time on an individual and businesses. If you’re wondering how uncertain risks are handled by entrepreneurs, then they consider certain important factors.

  • External Risk – This risk is referred to as unavoidable and uncontrollable. Unavoidable and uncontrollable factors can arise where the entrepreneur has no control. Factors include – political issues, economic instability or environmental natural disaster. However, as these situations occur without any warning, the entrepreneur can always stay prepared to tackle such issues.
  • Internal Risk – Internal risk can be controlled up to a certain extent. There are a few ways entrepreneurs can handle risks for a business related to internal risk.
  1. Business Insurance –Every business requires to have an insurance. This allows the entrepreneur to worry less and focus more on the development of the business.
  2. Employee Compensation Insurance – Employees working in office can have benefits with this insurance. This insurance pays for the medical treatment of an employee if in case injured in the office premises.
  3. Property Insurance – Property insurance usually cover the cost of the building, office equipment’s, machinery etc. This insurance will also cover the cost of the building from theft or fire.
  4. Vehicle Insurance –Vehicles used for the purpose of transporting employees of an organization must be insured and well maintained. If by chance an accident occurs and damages the vehicle, this insurance will cover for the damage.

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