Are Bed Bug Bites Something to Fear?

Bed bugs are a member of the Hemiptera family, meaning that it has a mouth effective at piercing and sucking blood. Whenever some bed bugs feed off animals, the bed bug isn't partial and will feed off humans or animals.

The situation is no different in this country where bed bug control is becoming the main job of many pest extermination businesses. You can also browse to get bed bugs killer products.

After feeding, a bed bug can inject chemicals into the epidermis, which result in an assortment of reactions, depending on the person. Those that are repeatedly bitten are very likely to develop an allergic response.

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The website of a person bite also runs the risk of infection. Although the bite, itself, is painless, the following effects can be far less tolerated. It's commonly known that this species of insect can live for three months or more with no meal.

In reality, some studies have suggested they can live up to a year without food. Given this factor, it is very difficult to get rid of bed bugs when they've moved in. Each female will place about three hundred eggs over the eighteen month period of her lifetime.

It takes just ten days for the egg to hatch and six weeks after the new member of this colony is prepared to feed on humans. 

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