Get A Russian Visa on Arrival

Just citizens of a couple of nations may enter Russia without a visa. Passport holders in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine don't need a Russian visa. Get Russian visa invitation online at Russian visa agency.

If you don't fit any of the above-mentioned nationalities, then you still may have the ability to visit Russia without a visa. Cruise passengers are the only kind of tourists visiting Russia who will stay on the land of the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 3 times.

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But this rule applies only to passengers who have reserved their excursions through agencies accredited by the Russian authorities. This type of agency will supply you with a tour ticket referred to as a blanket visa or booking confirmation. It'll let you get through the customs with no other files except your passport and landing card you will be supplied onboard prior to entering Russia.

There are lots of types of Russian visas, so they are based on the goal of your trip. If you're going to Russia for sightseeing, then you'll require a Tourist visa, even if your objective is business meetings, then you'll need to submit an application for a Business visa, etc..

You'll require an invitation (aka visa service) to use for your Russian visa. The invitation is a document issued by the individual or organization that invites one to Russia. Every sort of visa calls for another kind of invitation. The costs of visas and invitations vary. The cost of a visa is dependent upon its type, the necessary processing time and your own nationality. Generally, the more elastic conditions the visa supplies or the quicker it is processed, the costlier it is.

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