What is Dementia Disorder?

It's a brain disorder; the brain starts to deteriorate slowly. A normal person mostly the older person gets affected by this disease. The symptoms are changes in memory, personality, and behavior which results from the change in the functioning of the brain.

As the name of the disease dementia which means "deprived of mind" the loss of brain cells function. The patient affected by dementia usually asks the same question repeatedly.

They lose the familiarity with their surroundings; increased the difficulty in the following direction; they are unable to keep track of time, people and locations; there is a change in the personality and emotion of the patient; loss of memory; and neglect of personal care.

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The symptoms vary in every patient who is affected with dementia; also all symptoms can progress at different rates in different patients. If the duration of the symptoms normally exceeding 6 months for a diagnosis of dementia.

A patient affected by dementia needs to be cared for, as this is an irreversible disease the patient needs to be handled with lots of care. There are many hospitals and healthcare center who offer services to take care of patients who are affected by dementia.

Dementia care centers assistance is given day and night and they treat their patient with the utmost care. As the patient's behavior can be very unpredictable they require 24 hours of watching.

The patient does require the love of his/her near and dear ones along with the care from the professional healthcare people. This disease is not infectious and love and care shared with the patient is the only medicine.

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