Bed Bugs and Memory Foam Mattresses

Even the mention of the word bed bugs can literally make your skin crawl. The only thing that even comes close to grossing people out as much as bed bugs might be roaches. Either one is a horrible nasty thing to find out you have in your house.

Of the two, either can be hard to eliminate once they get started, but bed bugs is probably the hardest to wipe out. Unlike roaches, bed bugs will only normally come out at night when its dark. They will get in your bed and bite you relentlessly. At least roaches don't bite!

Getting bitten in your sleep is one of the first signs that you might have bed bugs in your home. You will have to closely check the seams of your mattress and around the buttons if it has them. Check the seams of you mattress cover if you have a memory foam mattress. They usually can't get inside unless there is a rip or tear in your cover.

Once you notice red blood spots or dark specs that look like poop, you probably have bed bugs. If you want more information about to get rid of them once and for all, visit a site like Luxury of the Pharaohs or other bug-killing websites. If you do, you will learn how to eliminate the bed bugs completely.

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