Get to Know About Invitations for Visas to Russia

Should you would like to employ yourself straight to some Russian consulate for the visa, then you'll have to deliver a visa service document (also called a letter of invitation) from a licensed firm in Russia.

This organization is going to be your official host for visa processing in the consulate and also for the Russian government even though you're in Russia.

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When you get visa assistance from Actual Russia you're confident it is real and our organization is available for “back up" if desired whenever you're in Russia itself. Get Visa invitation with Rusvisaonline- invitations for visas to Russia.

What sorts of visa service are readily available?

There are two standard forms of visa support files which we're able to supply depending on the purpose and length of your visa. These are: 

Tourist visa service is supplied to individuals traveling to Russia for leisure or tourism purposes and permits the consulate to process a visa that's valid for a max of 30 times and permits for a double or single entry.

Please be aware that if you're applying for our entire tourist visa or business visa assistance, then you don't have to purchase separate visa service documents since these are contained in the price.

Can the visa service let me enter Russia?

No, if you attempt to enter Russia together with all the visa support documents alone you may be refused entry, or when you've arrived by air, and then you'll be deported.

You'll have to enclose the visa support documents together with your program to the Russian consulate of your decision supplying your passport along with the rest of the files needed to permit them to process a visa.

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