Christian Leadership Training In Small Groups

Small groups deliver the perfect atmosphere for Christian leadership preparation. There are four phases of growth in the Christian life. These are listed and well-defined as follows:

1) A Believer. A believer is an individual who has supposed in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. You can also look for Christian churches near me via

2) A Disciple. A disciple is someone who's learning how to construct her or his life about the teachings of Jesus.  So often the church gets the error of needing to get folks to function whenever they're born.  God does not need them to do anything, yet to become recognized in His grace and reality.

3) A Servant.  A servant is someone who uses their gifts and tools for the realm of God.  When individuals are made complete they are going to want to serve. 

When they don't need to serve it is generally because they have never been made complete.  If people don't give, serve, minister, assist, etc., they don't grow.

4) A Leader.  A pioneer is a man who takes responsibility for affecting the lives of the others in line with the will of God.  Bear in mind, a real leader isn't merely somebody who's followed, but somebody who's encouraged to make disciples of people who follow.

Although not everybody is called to leadership in tiny classes, God has made for each people to become responsible for mentoring or assisting disciple others.

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