How To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

If you have an affiliate marketing business you may soon be asking yourself how you can increase your affiliate commission. To some extent, it is how much money you are making that somehow determines how successful you are in your business. It is also a good monitoring process to ensure that you don't become complacent even if you are making money.

Here are a few quick tips to help you increase your affiliate marketing commission:

1. Choosing an affiliate marketing program

Different types of affiliate programs pay different amount of commission to their affiliate members. There are programs that pay 10 to 15 percent per sale and other high scale ones paying as much as 60 percent to their affiliates. Although every marketer likes to go for higher paying commission, don't use it as the only benchmark when you are selecting your affiliate program. It is important to know what is the demand for the products and whether you are able to capture the niche market for them.

A good way to find out if you can perform well on any market is to do some analysis or review relevant statistics provided by the affiliate program you are keen to join. Try to look for past performance results to satisfy yourself that this is the program worth going into business with.

2. Recurring Commissions

Two-tier affiliate programs offer you higher income opportunities compared to one-tier programs. As an affiliate manager, they allow you to earn commission on the sale of the products or services as well as from sales generated by the people that you recruit as new affiliates. As an affiliate member you earn from your own affiliates and if the sales are on a monthly subscription rollover, you earn monthly passive income from recurring sales commission.

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