Making Your Own T Shirt With Organic Cotton Is Better

   As an entrepreneur, you can combine your passion with a successful environmentally conscious business, such as using organic cotton to make your own T-shirt company. But you may wonder, what makes organic cotton better than the normal cotton shirt? Actually, the answer has an eco-friendly story behind, that probably, not only will change your perspective but also, you’ll start using organic cotton too.

   To create normal cotton, its needed huge amount of pesticides to make the production system more efficient. This method facilitates micro-organism living on cotton, settle in the territory and become a pest. Such pest can only be controlled by pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Unfortunately, the usage of this chemical’s product pollutes soil, water, and air. But it also can potentially be carcinogenic to the human being. Furthermore, people from developing countries are making the cotton under hostile work conditions, where there is no law or rights to protect them from being exploited combined with the fact their health condition is also compromised due to the use of the chemicals in the process and the environmental contamination, they live in.

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    On the other hand, to produce organic cotton the fields used must be kept fallow for three years before planting, to make sure the plant won’t grow with toxicity. There are no chemicals involved in the process, no pesticides or herbicides. In fact, to preserve the purity of every fibre in the cotton, it is hand picked. Most importantly, all workers’ rights involved in the process are protected by the United State Department of Agriculture. Besides, as the organic cotton process is cleaner, products made of it are hypoallergenic, softer and last longer between the washes, meaning a more durable product.

image of an organic black t-shirt

   That being said, the organic cotton is perfect to make your own T-shirt as it is softer and breathable, ideal for people whose skin is sensitive. It is also tough, durable and allows to recycle it. As it is chemical free, it can be used by people with allergies or with delicate health as it helps to reduce breathing problems and unpleasant odors. When it comes to babies, their skin can be 5 times thinner, sensitive and much more absorbent than ours, that’s the main reason you need to cut the exposure to chemicals and toxins around them. As a matter of fact, the organic cotton is antimicrobial, mold resistant and smooth, that makes it an excellent choice for babies as these characteristics allow their skin to breath and avoid allergies making your baby so happy and comfortable.

   In summary, the absence of chemical products helps preserve the health of the workers involved in the process of making the cotton and does not damage our environment while the quality of the soil, air, and water improvements. Go here to make your own t-shirt online. You will create your own T-shirt knowing you are building an environmentally conscious business. In a broader context, is an eco-friendly, cost-effective product that not only benefits us by wearing it in a healthy manner, it also benefits the environment to preserve our resources.



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