What is the need to buy a safe car?

There's not any doubt that security should be one of the main considerations when seeking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Regrettably, security is something which a vast majority of car buyers choose granted.

Research proves that the safest cars in the street can provide as many as five times longer protection to passengers and drivers in crashes than the ones that meet the minimal criteria. That's an important statistic, which can literally mean the difference between death and life.

The amount of security features provided by models and makes is growing daily. Although in the majority of instances, a modern car will offer a higher degree of protection in an accident than an older person, this isn't necessarily the situation. Additionally, not all of the modern cars are outfitted with the exact same amount of security features.

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For example, Takata airbags,  whether these airbags are known for saving many lives it also causes people to face death when the airbags are deployed that leads to Takata airbag recall.

ESC is regarded as an ‘active' security feature since it may enable a driver to prevent a crash. Side curtain airbags are regarded to be ‘passive' security characteristics, so help to protect passengers and drivers when a crash can't be avoided. ESC helps drivers to prevent crashes by decreasing the danger of slipping. 

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