HEPA Filter or Carbon Filter for the Car

If you travel a lot in your car, you might find that it is a bit smellier than a normal one. It’s difficult to find a proper way to remove these odors, but there are ways. One of the best ways to remove any sort of problem is to get an air purifier for your car.

You can use something like an ozone generator, but that may be a bit more expensive than you’d like. Instead, you can use a carbon filter or a HEPA filter. While there aren’t many types of vehicle-oriented air purifiers of these types, you can use the one from your home in the car.

While carbon filters take in non-solids like smoke and chemicals, HEPA filters take in solids like dust and pollen. They’re very different in what they pull in, but they work great together. Your air will be cleaner than it’s ever been whenever you use them together, even in the car.

While it might not work on stains, running these two filters in your car will make the air as good as new inside. However, if there are stains, you may want to consider getting the seats professionally washed. Bacteria grows in these stains and is likely causing the odors you smell. An air purifier is a great choice, but make sure you get the source of the odor too!

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