Items to Avoid When Buying Art Glass for Fusing

How to Produce Your Glass Cutting Experience More Successful and Enjoyable

Some individuals have heard glass cutting within an introductory stained glass or glass fusing workshop or class. Others have just learned the exact basic skills within a trial-and-error manner, or with a buddy giving them some pointers and possibly (if you're lucky) a demonstration. To get fused glass classes you may go to

This manual is intended to provide you a few basic principles and tips to make your experience far more pleasant and effective. I'm writing this based on my 25+ years of expertise in coping together with art glass, equally stained (aluminum foil and lead came techniques) and fused glass.

So, this really is exactly what NOT to do if trimming any glass, particularly glass:

1. Keep away from pressing too tough whenever you make the dent in the glass. You will know that you're pressing too hard since the score line is going to be a rather observable “scratch" and you might even see tiny shards of glass flying off in the score point as you transfer your cutter wheel throughout the glass surface.

At times it is still possible to break together with a score line, however, the outcomes aren't too predictable. This is particularly important if cutting a number of those thin dichroic or alternative fusing glass.

2. Additionally, avoid pressing too softly when creating the score. This will be obvious in many ways. You won't be able to listen to the score being created or the score line will be quite faint, if visible in any way. 

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