Factors to Consider Before Migrating Office 365

Together with all the news surrounding the most recent alternatives from Microsoft – the move into the cloud using Microsoft Office 365; the launching of Office 2013 and Windows 8; Hybrid or Windows Phone – it's quite probable that a variety of organizations are already considering implementing those emerging and innovative alternatives.

Converter Technology has over a decade of experience in assisting businesses and organizations with an update to newer variants of Windows and Microsoft Office. Our intention is to help businesses avoid unnecessary risks, costs, productivity loss and other problems that develop in the absence of a suitable strategy.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind and frequent problems companies face during a migration process. However, you may also take help of office 365 migration consulting solutions.

Factors to Consider Before Migrating Office 365

1. Interlinked files or hyperlinks, as we generally call them would be the most frequent issue that could provide your employees and help desk a tricky moment. With the newest version of Microsoft Office, the record extensions' title is different compared to the preceding ones, so and the updated MS Office, document links will be broken on account of how the file name was altered from the new file expansion.

2. Safety another major issue you need to remember. Since Microsoft Office uses the Trust Center for record security, its own configurations have to be thought of as a portion of the migration. At precisely the exact same time, before Office 2007, Workgroup Security (.MDW) was accessible to procure Access software.

3. Many ventures are tempted to utilize Compatibility Mode, but they frequently overlook the constraints this strategy has. Possibly the most important is that the absence of new features in compatibility mode or co-existence, provided in the most recent edition of Office. 


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