How To Fix: Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error

The windows thread stuck in device driver fault is generated by a driver file being caught within an endless trap as it stays for that pc hardware to go in idle state. This is usually a driver problem. Fortunately, a driver or BIOS up grade can resolve this.

The issue often results in a BSOD failure. If you can possibly boot in to your desktop, follow methods below. Generally if your system could not keep loaded for long enough boot your computer directly into safe mode and follow instructions below to fix this error in your comuter.

Solve Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error

A series of upgrades will usually resolve this specific malfunction.

Upgrade your motherboard BIOS to latest version.

Perform Windows update and install all upgrades.

Update your graphics and audio drivers to the most up-to-date versions.

Doing a BIOS upgrading is actually a significant process and suggestions vary according to system motherboard company. Thankfully, many newer boards provide simple update ways that usually can be executed from inside Windows.

Fix for Gaming laptops

Here’s the way to correct thread stuck in device driver error.

Go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and Power Options.

Click on ‘Change plan settings’.

Click on ‘Change advanced power settings.

Identify Graphics Power Settings and select ‘maximized performance’.

Simply click Save changes and restart.

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