How to Do a Secure Direct File Transfer Between FTP Servers?

There's not any need to spell out the basic features of an FTP protocol. Unlike the HTTP file protocol, FTP is frequently considered a more hassle-free file transport mechanism.

To begin with, it supports almost any document size and is much more stable compared to HTTP connections. You may also easily resume document downloads/uploads in the event of missing Internet link or other technical issues.

Among the most frequent questions people have is the way to perform an immediate FTP file transfer between two servers.

How to Do a Secure Direct File Transfer Between FTP Servers?

It's no secret that many FTPS applications would only go so far as to permit an indirect file transport. To put it differently, you will first have to download all of the files to your own computer using among these FTP clients, and then upload them back to the host of your destination.

Some scripts and programs automate this procedure, however, they will still have to utilize your PC's hard disk as an intermediate measure, which may certainly use up your available bandwidth also, be based on your Internet connection, take some time to finish. Certainly, this isn't the most effective means to do a file transfer.

An SSH transport is surely a much safer and quicker alternative for an FTP transfer. However, not all of web hosting providers and plans provide SSH access to their own clients. SSH access could be limited for safety reasons also. 

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