Why You Should Buy Civilian MREs

Whether you are into fishing, hiking, doomsday prep or any other kind of outdoor sports, you need a good and nutritious source of food. One of the most popular sources of nutrition that can be stored for years is civilian meals ready to eat. As the name suggests, these are packaged meals that come in special pouches which can be stored for more than five years in the right conditions. 

It is important to mention here that these are not freeze-dried meals. These meals were developed initially for the US military. Due to the popularity of these meals, the companies making these meals have also started selling these to civilians. The biggest advantage of buying civilian MREs is that these meals offer you full nutrition and you always have access to a hot meal at any time.

civilian mre

Most of the MRE meals being sold in the market today come with a heat pouch inside. This heat pouch needs to be sprinkled with water in order to heat the food inside the package. Once you activate the heat pouch, you will have a completely healthy and nutritious meal ready to eat in just a few short minutes. Imagine being on a hike and having access to your favorite meal that is ready to eat in just few minutes. These meals are great for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

There was a time when these meals were available only in certain flavors and sizes but these days you can find all kinds of flavors from a number of different companies. It is also extremely easy to buy these meals as a number of online sites as well as big box stores, food stores as well as camping stores sell all kinds of MRE meals. You can also buy these meals in bulk and mix and match the flavors in order to create a complete menu. 

Many people combine three or four different flavors in order to keep things interesting. These are also extremely lightweight and do not take much space which means you can easily carry a few of these in your backpacks. Since these are dehydrated, these stay fresh for long periods of time. In fact, these meals can be stored for more than five years in the right conditions.

As far as the nutrition is concerned, most meals will provide you around 1000 to 3000 calories depending on the ingredients. These are also available as snacks. As far as the average price is concerned, these tend to be expensive if you buy small packages containing up to 3 meals but you can save significant amount of money by buying in bulk. Buying in bulk also allows you to have a lot more variety.

It is also important to mention here that not all the MRE packages come with a heat pack inside. Therefore, if your package does not come with a heat pack inside, you will also need to take into account the cost of the heat pack.

As mentioned in the beginning, a number of companies sell these meals in a wide variety of tastes. However, the most important thing you need to consider is the packaging date. Many experts recommend buying it directly from the manufacturer’s website. You may find these cheaper in military surplus stores or on online auction websites but you're unlikely to get the freshest meals possible. 

Also, there is no guarantee how these were stored. Keep in mind that these only remain fresh if stored in the right conditions. Therefore, it is best to buy only from the websites of reputable retailers or directly from the manufacturer’s website. Do not forget to check the manufacture date as well as how the meals were stored before you click that buy button.

Overall, these meals are great for emergency situations including hiking, camping as well as natural disasters. Experts recommend keeping some of these meals in your home, your office as well as in your vehicles, and other such places such as your boat or hunting cabin. There are quite a few reputable retailers that are known to sell high-quality civilian MREs. Do not forget to check for discounts when you buy the civilian MREs.

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