Tips for Making Different Kinds of Salads

Have you ever been to a buffet and the salad bar just blew you away? Have you tried recreating those salads? If you have and couldn’t get the desired results then following are some of the tips that could help you.


1. Dressing

The dressing of your salad is the key ingredient. If your dressing is bland, the dish won’t taste good. Although it’s easy to find salad dressings from the store, however making them at home is much easier. You cannot find the flavours that fresh ingredients have in a bottle. The tricky part is to know the ratio, once you have that down you can mix and match your flavours.

2. Seasoned Greens

You must have heard great cooks sayings, ‘season everything that goes on the plate’. This should be your mantra. Before you combine your vegetables and dressing, season them with salt and pepper.

3. Herbs are A Salad’s Best Friend

Go all in with the herbs; remember they taste great in salads. Herbs such as cilantro, basil and mint work well with freshly tossed cheese salads. 

4. Chop Evenly

The size of your vegetables should not be very big, it should be bite sized so everyone can eat it easily. Make sure that all your vegetables are cut evenly in the same shapeto make it look aesthetically appealing.

5. Go Beyond the Leafs

While we all love the greens in our salads, we should think about the other ingredients as well. Pine nuts, raisins, bread and cooked grains pair beautifully with salads.

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